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Crime Photos 08 by SpiderbiteStudios Crime Photos 08 by SpiderbiteStudios
this series is getting harder and harder to find images for. I keep searching, but nothing screams at me, "I must be killed!"

this image however ... did.

stock used from JensStockCollection available at this [link]

thanks a bunch and enjoy!

Crime Photo 08 Victim History:

Personal History:
- Mrs. Carter came home from a long weekend with flights to Paris and Milan. After arriving at her appartment, she made one phone call to a friend, and one phone call to police. The message was incoherent. Police believe the call to 911 had come after the attack while her assailant was still in her appartment. She was found a short time later on the railroad tracks behind her apartment complex.
Photo History:
- This photograph was taken by a crime scene investigator for the police.
Case History:
- No one was ever charged with her murder and no one had any leads.
JensStockCollection Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2004
hehehe. oooooooooooooo I like this one ;)

do you realize how difficult it is to do a self portrait while handcuffed and have only 8 seconds to click the button, run across the living room and flop down on the floor with no arms to help?

I deserve a metal for this one ;) and you deserve a fav :)

it rocks :D
SpiderbiteStudios Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2004  Professional General Artist
well you did it well ... I can just picture you "flopping down" ... that makes me laugh.

redseraphim Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004   Writer
how bout killing robots
no has a problem if a robot dies
I want see bender die or that jackass from"lost in space"
God! I hate robots( I Think I have issues with robots or maybe cause my whole family was murdered by robots................oh wait .....that didn't happen, just ignore me: I haven't been drunk in two weeks. hey how bout dead turkeys....."cold turkeys" heheheheh)
great now I'm babbling:ambulance:
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July 29, 2004
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